V7 - Gumball handle extrude planar closed curve to solid *option* (repeat request)

There have been numerous requests in the past for this, going back to V5 days. The YouTrack item (originally from 2013) for this is still officially listed as “open” and “future”:


I would like to add my vote for a Gumball setting “Extrude closed planar curves to solid when possible”

That way the user can decide how they would like this to work. (my feeling is that 90%+ of users will check this setting if it is made available)

The “workaround” of first creating a planar surface and extruding the surface is just that - a hack that slows the workflow down and remains an annoyance.


I also vote for this functionality to be implemented in Gumball.

Still not working, despite the recent announcement that the latest version of Rhino 7 (SR35
(7.35.23346.11001, 2023-12-12)) is supposed to finally enable extruding closed planar curves into solids.

I think we messed up the release target on that issue and it got miscategorized as 7 instead of 8. This is only possible in Rhino 8. I’ll see about getting that fixed.

Since it was possible to extrude planar closed curves into solids 10 years ago, I think that this particular fix could be applied to Rhino 7, as well. :slight_smile: Not sure why years ago a decision was made to remove the ability to extrude solids from curves with Gumball.

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The code is really different now between Rhino 7 and 8; we’re only backporting critical fixes to Rhino 7.

(with a sense of humour) Inability to extrude solids with the Gumball is a critical issue in Rhino 7. :smiley:

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