Gumball Wish: Cap extruded planar/closed curves

I have seen this mentioned in some old posts, is this feature going to be implemented anytime soon?
It would be a real time saver and great for the worklflow.
Ideally, it could be done by pressing CTRL as SHIFT is now used for extruding in both directions.

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Hello- no, no time soon that I know of - curves gumball-extrude to open objects, surfaces to closed ones.


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the reply.
Just out of curiosity, would this operation be too complex to add/program, is there too low demand, is this technically not possible? And finally could this function be added by a script?
Thanks again for your support.

make a planar surface out of your curve and extrude

Iā€™m sure you could script that if you so chose.