V7 Active tab not highlighted

In Rhino V7, the active tab is not highlighted, other than by a very fine nearly imperceptible outline. This is the case for the Toolbar tabs and for the View tabs. In V6, the active tab displays in a different shade, which is a handy and standard visual reference. I have hunted through Help and the Options panels, but I cannot find the relevant setting to adjust in either V6 or V7. It seems reasonable that this is a behind the scenes setting which is not adjustable, but if that is the case, then perhaps it has fallen through a crack for V7.

It seemed that the same was true for the docked Layers, Materials etc tabs. However, I found that by activating the Show Panel Text option, the active tab assumed a contrasting colour. I will now look for a similar feature for the other tabs.

By contrast, the selected items in the Status Bar have retained their clear colour contrast.

I have adjusted Window colour 1, 2 and 3, but none of them have the desired effect.

I found Background color of panel windows, where are the settings? for V5, but there is no registry entry for UiPaintColors on my system, so that did not help.

Regards, Garry.

V6 with Transform, Front and Materials selected…



V7with Transform, Front and Materials selected…


This is OK: image

V6 and V7…