Tab Color, or Tab outline color in "advanced" settings?

I’ve done some UI tweaking in V7 to suit my eyes through Options>Rhino Options>Advanced. I’d like to make a color change in the “selected” Layout tab, or at least the outline color. I’m not sure which line to change. Anyone?


Hi -

To be able to identify the active tab, change the color of Rhino.Options.UiPaintColors.InactiveTabBackground.
Make sure to modify the transparency, as it is set to 100% by default.

Thanks. But That sets the Inactive Tabs, I want to set the Active tab. Also, how/where do I check/set transparency?

Edit. I now understand. Sorry. Change the inactive tabs so the active will standout. I’d really like my active to be an orange like I’ve done for the viewports. Oh well. I’ll look into a color that might work for inactive.

Hi -

Well, yes, you can set your active tab color but need to change (the transparency of) the inactive tabs to make them look differently. The active tab is the Rhino Options -> Appearance -> Colors -> Window color 2 color.

I went with your first suggestion. This works for me.

It seems that

Options > Appearance > Colors > Window color 3

does not change anything.

Hi Andrew -

In Rhino 7, it sure does:
With that set to red:

With default gray:

It doesn’t seem to be doing anything in the Rhino 8 WIP, though.
RH-73081 UI Cleanup: Windows color 3