Toolbar Tab Colours from v6 to v7


I’ve had a quick search and can’t see anything on this subject previously. I’ve been setting up my R7 to look like my R6 in terms of toolbars, tabs, buttons I’ve made for myself and also colour schemes.

In R6 I’ve had a grey/orange colour scheme. You can see here that the borders of the windows are shaded dark grey and the unselected toolbar tabs are orange. The same applies to the toolbars on the right hand side with the unopen ones in orange. I find this set up really helpful to see which toolbar is open and also to read the text better on the unopen ones.

In the Appearance/Colours options the part that changes the orange tab colour is “Window Colour 3”. However, when I change this colour in R7 it only changes the colour of the side bar tabs and the inactive tabs across the top tool bar remain shaded grey so it is hard to see the text and then open tab is less easy to spot.

Is there anything that can be done to cahnge this so the colour of all inactive tabs is changed by the “Window Colour 3” option?


Hi Jon,

There is much more control in the advanced settings on the options page. You will most likely find what you need to adjust here.


Thanks Dan,

I’ve had a look through those and the only option that changes the colour of those top tabs is “Rhino.Options.UiPaintColors.NormalStart”, but that changes the colour of the whole fascia, and that’s a bit too much orange! :rofl: :joy:

The tabs on the right are changed with the ‘HotStart’ option.

Any other thoughts?


Incidentally, in R6, the HotStart command changes the colour of all the inactive tabs not just the ones on the right, so I’m guessing it’s something behind the scenes of the program?

props for the orange @ gray scheme, that mine too. :wink:

It’s certainly a lot easier on the eye than the lighter colours.
Still can’t get used to the darker grey tabs at the top :worried:

I’m not sure that there are any other methods of changing the UI colours beyond what is found in the appearance section of the options, and the advanced settings.

Hopefully someone from McNeel can chime in and confirm whether or not that is true.



Thansk Dan, yes, I’m hoping someone from McNeel will see this.

It does seem odd though that the same setting doesn’t change the same things.

Hi -

There have been a lot of changes between Rhino 6 and 7 in this area. The work to customize the UI colors will continue in Rhino 8. If you want to go beyond what is available in the Rhino Options > Appearances > Colors, you are pretty much on your own to play with the settings in the advanced section. You could also try the somewhat experimental colorscheme plug-in that can be installed through the package manager.

I’d just like to add an update here. I’ve just updated to v7 SR5 and there are additional options in the Advanced section.

Under the Advanced ‘color’ options, there is now "Rhino.Options.UiPaintColors.InactiveTabBackground’. This colour was set to default of white but when I changed it to orange it still wouldn’t change. Until I realised it was at 0 Opacity, I turned it to 255 Opacity, and bingo! Orange tabs!

Thank you for adding this to the options McNeel :smiley: :+1:

New Advanced Options:

Check Opacity level

Turns orange

Yay! Orange inactive tabs!