V6 view target still not as good as V5

I have posted about this before, but no matter whether I have the following checked or unchecked, V6 still loses target “focus” much more often than V5, I find I have to Zoom Selected often to get it back to orbiting around what I’m working on. I rarely had to do this in V5, V6 is very uncomfortable in in this regard. Please bring back the possibility to have this work like V5…


Hi Mitch - is the setting below, for Rotate at the default (Rotate around world axes) ?


Yep, always - haven’t used it any other way since the beginning…

Hi Mitch - OK, I asked Mikko to have a look, I am pretty sure he’s been in charge of this stuff.


@Helvetosaur, @pascal, I’m afraid there’s no way to make it work exactly like V5. For some reason there was something inherently unstable about using timer triggered z-buffer capture, I could never figure out how to fully crash proof it. The current V6 method is mostly based on looking at bounding boxes of objects and is unfortunately dumber than the old method.

You can post examples of specific cases that you think should work better to youtrack and I’ll try to figure out ways to improve the behavior.


Difficult to post examples, as this generally involves just working and moving around in the scene until you realize that the rotation center is no longer where it should be… so kinda hard to record a “sequence of events”…

I can easily rotate view around gumball.

Yep, except I don’t want to do that as it needs to work when nothing is selected.