Controlling perspective view

Hello, I am still figuring the program, thanks to all for the help so far. Right now, it seems that my perspective view has gotten all wacked out. It looks as if I am always looking backward at my part. The guide lines that are X and y are backwards from the other views. When I try and rotate my part it is totally odd and I am pulling when I mean to be pushing the part around. Does that make sense to anyone? i can’t rotate smoothly it lurches around, it doesn’t know where the center of the frame is now. I want to it turn from the 0,0,0, not some odd point out in space. I do have some parts hidden and don’t understand why they should interfere with the motion. I mean they shouldn’t do anything, they are turned off. So, any help on getting back to a simple straight up perspective would be great. Isn’t there some button to take out the weirdness? cheers, D

Are you following some getting started tutorials or just having a bash?
Good tutorials can be found on the Learn page.

Rhino perspective can indeed get out of wack. Use ZE/ZEA (zoom extends/zoom extends all) and ZS/ZSA (zoom selected/zoom selected all) helps to get the objects in view and get the camera target where you want it.

Moved to Rhino for windows

thanks I will check this out. cheers, be safe. D

I am doing a bit of both. Did have some training and have been watching some videos. I will look about for some on this topic. One of my family tree names is Brock, they were from Illinois via Ohio 1850’s, maybe we are ‘cuzins’. cheers, d