2 Display glitches V6


I’m constantly running into a couple of issues… In perspective view of large commercial projects (buildings, etc.) I’m usually working close-up with nuts & bolts details but the view usually Z-clips as I approach the small items. Normally it’s just a flash as the corners are cut off and then the view restores to normal. Other times it hangs there clipped until I zoom out. Is there an adjustment for this? I use a 3D Connexion motion controller but it also does this when navigating by mouse.

Another thing I’ve noticed in V6 is SETREDRAWOFF and SETREDRAWON don’t appear to function as in V5. I use quite a few macros that contain these variables, yet I see events happening on screen that I normally wouldn’t. Any ideas?

And not to nit-pick because I love the new occlusion setting for snapping. But I wish occlusion were carried over into the selection settings as well. I shouldn’t be able to select something I can’t see if single-clicking (as opposed to a crossing rectangle).

Loving many of the new improvements otherwise. Thank you.

Brian Jackson

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Brian - when zooming in close, especially in a large scene, setting the view projection to Parallel will make things a lot more predictable and useful as long as you do not specifically need a perspective projection. But - do you find the behavior is worse or different than in the same situations in V5?

If you can post or send me via private message macros that behave differently in V6 compared to 5, I can take a look.