V6 - what did you do to camera/target while rotating?

Nowhere near the same stability for rotating the view as V5. I find it constantly loses the view focus.

Here is the scene in V5:

Now the same in V6:

V6 loses focus very quickly and to get it back, you have to constantly use Zoom selected… awful. :confounded:

Both are set to “Rotate around World Axes”.

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Hi Mitch,

any chance it has to do with camera target autoadjust?
For me this setting is flipped between v5 and v6:

Hi Jarek,

So we’re talking about this:

I need to uncheck that?

Thx, --Mitch

That’s the setting I mentioned, yes.
For me in V6 it is reversed, so try opposite to what you have in V5 and see if that improves the camera behavior for you.


Yes, that is definitely better, whew! :sweat_smile: