V6 Validation Failed


We have a few licenses to Rhino for our work. I’ve used the same license V5 upgrade and V4 full on my work machine and my personal laptop with the permission of my employer for personal use in the off hours. Being that I am only working on one machine at a time, that falls within your T&C as I understand it. That has been working flawlessly for the last 3 years.

More recently, I’ve gotten a new personal workstation, and was trying to migrate from my laptop to the desktop. V5 validates just fine, but I would also like to run V6 on both workstations. I’ve previously had V6 on my laptop and my work computer, used infrequently to spot check the developments with the Cycles render engine. Now my expired WIP won’t run on any of the three machines, and a new installation fails to validate on all three citing, “The license key you entered is in use on another computer. To use it on more than one computer, add the license to your Rhino account.” So, that’s a solution offered, but would require convincing my employer to proceed with the whole Rhino account and Team process. A still-in-development account solution is not likely something they’d go for if there’s any potential for issues right now.

Is there any way I could get V6 installed on at least one computer at this point without using Rhino Accounts and not affecting V5 running on multiple machines?