V6 license problems

What does this mean??? I haven’t had any issues until I recently tried to open up the new work in progress


Are you having the same problems?

Yes, had the same problem. Downloaded a fresh copy of WIP and entering the RH5 license info solved the problem for me.

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I’m having the same issue. The new licensing in the version 6 WIP is very confusing. Sometimes it looks like it is using my account login, sometimes it looks like it is using Zoo, and sometimes it looks like it using my key. I would prefer to use the account option, but see nothing that gives a choice between the methods.

Link to three ways to use your license:


We introduced logging in with your account halfway through the WIP process, so I can see how there is some confusion.

Sometimes it looks like it is using my account login, sometimes it looks like it is using Zoo, and sometimes it looks like it using my key.

@bisenberger could you tell me more about what you mean by this? You should only be able to choose one of the three options you mentioned.

In previous version of the WIP it would flash a message about logging on that included the word Zoo. Later versions it flashed a message that looked like it was using my account, I think this also included the word Zoo. Now I get a message The license key RH6B-(I deleted the rest of the license number to hide it from public view) is in use on another computer and cannot be validated again. I can not find it in use on any other of my computers.

That means you (or someone), used your V6 beta license key in a stand alone or local Zoo installation; probably stand-alone.
To “fix” this so the license can float, you’ll need to remove the license from the other workstation, and add it to the Rhino account (formerly Cloud Zoo), so you can “login” to your Rhino account and use it on multiple computers (one at a time).

@bisenberger John Brock nailed the two things I wanted to tell you.

  1. I believe you’ve corresponded by email with me before. Did you try the steps I outlined in the email? I will not post them here since they contain personal information, but essentially like John said you installed your license key manually on a machine.

  2. I understand your confusion with naming conventions. Formerly ‘Logging in with your Rhino account’ was called the ‘Cloud Zoo’, but we found that some users, including colleagues, were getting confused between ‘Cloud Zoo’ and the good old ‘Zoo’, so we decided to drop the name.

I hope this helps.

Hi aj1,
Thanks for letting me know about the email from John Brock. I hadn’t seen
it, for some reason it went to the Promotions folder for my Gmail. I’ll
take a look at it now.

Hi John,
I believe I found the machine the license is installed on. How do I remove

Options > Licenses > Change your license key
Use the “Login” option so you can move the key to your Rhino Account.

Looks like it worked. Thanks John,