Install WIP at home and work?

Hi @brian , I would ask you if the “second/home computer” option still available?
I have two computer, one for working, and one for demoing/teaching.
I use the computers once per time.
I’m writing this because I saw the new license system today and I choosen to validate the license on the first but the second give me error state I validate the license too many time.

Would be better to chose the on-line validation?
What if I haven’t internet access?

Thanks for the explanation.

Hi Riccardo,

The license agreement states that you may install Rhino on computers that you own or that are your control, and that your license may only be in use on one computer at a time. If you own both your computers, this is fine. If your company owns one of the computers and you own the other, it’s not. Mixing licenses this way makes it difficult for us to tell who actually owns the license when people leave companies.

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