Edu License and WIP question

I have a customer who works under the University of Oslo and who needs the WIP license to make some 2D drawings of a 3D scan, but he has trouble getting his license to work.
According to him he gets this error message:
"The Rhino 5 Educational license key you entered cannot be added to your Rhino account."
What is causing that?

He can use V5 fine, but can not install V6.

Is it possible he’s trying to add his V5 license to the Rhino account?
That would generate that error I think.

By this you possibly mean that he might be trying to add the university’s license to his personal account?

I didn’t read it that way, just that he works there.
If it’s his personal license then he should be able to add his V6 key to one specific computer. If he’s already added it to another computer then he would get a different but similar message.

This is something the Barcelona Support.
They will need a screenshot of the actual error.