V6 Start Up Errors

HI There,
I’ve been using V6 WIP on and off for awhile.

These days, I’m getting several error messages at start-up including one asking for my V6 license.And V6 won’t load. I’m not running V6 on another computer.

How have I managed to mess it up this time?

Thanks for any help.


Hi Steve,

First and foremost, you didn’t mess up. The error message is misleading in the current WIP. Sorry about that. It’s being fixed as we speak.

Background: During the WIP process, only users who have a validated Rhino 5 license with one of the email addresses associated with their Rhino Account can run the WIP. This is simply a quirky limitation we have for now as we race to develop a more complete solution.

Research: I went ahead and looked at the Rhino 5 license you own. You do indeed own one, but it is validated by your ****@gia.edu account. Your Rhino Account only has ***lab@gmail.com associated with it.

Solution: You can add your ***@gia.edu account to your Rhino account by going here. Then you should be good to go.


Thanks, Andres

Hi Andres, I no longer have access to the @gia.edu account. Any suggestions?
Many Thanks,

Hi Steve, I’ve gotten in touch with our sales team so they update your registration information from your @gia.edu address to your ****lab@gmail.com address.

So now it should just work for you.

That worked. Thank you, Andres.