V6 Points See through


I tested the WIP 19. Sep 17 with some large architecture models and its very impressive how fast and responsive the display works.
But I have in some cases points displays even when they were supposed to be behind some other objects.
Also the edge thickness set to 1 px displays much bigger than in V5. This would be great to have more subtle edges.


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Hi @TomWue,

Are you able to repeat this with a small model? If at all possible, would you be able to send the file to us (https://www.rhino3d.com/upload)?


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I got your file and I was able to reproduce the problem. I have created a YouTrack bug-report, but it’s not visible publicly due to your file being attached to it.

Regarding the zoom responsiveness - is this in Shaded mode? Or Rendered? Are you zooming in with the mouse wheel, or by holding Ctrl + Right mouse button?


@TomWue Do you have the latest WIP?

Hi All - I tested this with Tom’s file in the latest WIP, and was able to reproduce the problem (though at a closer zoom than in the image). Anyway it is on the bug-heap.




Earlier in this thread you said you could reproduce this issue. Is that still the case?

Maybe I’m doing something wrong. @nathanletwory and @BrianJ -
are you able to reproduce?

I tested the model here in the 6.2 SRC and I don’t see point objects through the model in Shaded mode. I also don’t have any zooming issues if that is also one of the current problems.