Point display...?

So for some reason points are so small in V6 on my machine i cant see them unless zoomed into a ridiculous level.
So there must be somewhere the size can be set…? Well I cant find it anywhere…

Help displays the screen shot below.
So where exactly can i find the “point object settings”…??


Thanks John,

well, something is broken, since i can set the point size to 9, (which is the biggest it will accept) and nothing changes…

In V5 the point size is set to 2 and its fine…


Are they point objects or are you selecting a point cloud object?

I can’t see them either. Points and control points are invisible, no matter the size setting. I’ll make a bug report.

They are point objects - both creating points (eg divide a curve) and when turning on points for a entity.

My display render view doesn’t work (never has in v6) , so obviously v6 doesn’t like my video card - maybe it’s something to do with that…?

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Please send a screenshot of your OpenGL Options page.
This will have the details we need to understand about your display adapter.

This sounds like a bug in the new display code.

Did you include a screenshot of your OpenGL options in the YT report?

@John_Brock No, but I will add it. Thanks.

@chuck I moved this YT issue on to your “Needs Testing” list. Please give it a try with the code from this morning.

No luck with the new code.

@rabbit can you post what the output is on your OpenGL options page in Rhino? Chuck’s Rhino was switching into software mode OpenGL (Microsoft GDI generic) when he had his laptop plugged into a specific monitor. The software mode OpenGL is something I’m trying to keep users from having to run in and appears to be why Chuck wasn’t seeing points on his computer.

Thanks, Steve

here you go…

Well… there goes that theory. I have done ton of work on point display over the last couple weeks. Hopefully the next WIP will have this fixed for you. I’ll be interested to see how this turns out.

This is fixed for me in the latest wip


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The last update did not help with point display here.

Usually it works fine for couple of hours and than points start to disappearing. I can see them only when selected.

It seems that zooming up or down makes them to disappear. Rotating viewport also has this effect. Another factor is showing off objects on hidden layers, when there is a circle on the layer I’m working on and it has it’s points on and than I make another layer visible and that layer has only couple of curves assigned to it the points on my circle are vanishing instantly.

It makes working almost impossible.


I haven’t heard of this happening before. Has this been happening for a while?

I would say, first time noticed about a week ago.

I’m able to repeat this bug and am working on a fix

Great, thank you Steve.