Pointcloud display speed feedback (thumbs up)


just want to share my latest experience as I have some dense LIDAR scan data here that I was testing on the latest WIP.

the rhino file is 10 GB (the original e57 was 9GB), total about 500.000.000 points. 500 million, yes :slight_smile:

Rhino 5 was opening it and i could navigate a separate 28.000.000pt cloud ok when all others were hidden, but it was tough to work with.

Rhino 6 is in a totally different class for this, I do run a TITAN X (maxwell) and the file uses about 65% of the 12 GB Ram, when I rotate the model GPU core is on 100%, and even with all point clouds turned on, it rotates almost fluently.

I noticed that there is some automatic degradation happening which culls points as soon as the model is rotated, which seems totally fine visually.
It does however cause the graphic pipeline to stall for a few seconds after stopping the rotation, as the culled points are displayed again. During that time it is not possible to start rotating again.

That speed improvement is fantastic, however I am wondering if there could be more control over the culling of points when displaying pointclouds. eg. culling them “permanently” on object properties level so that there is no need for redrawing the culled points.

btw. when I switched to “round points” performance was really bad. only square points draw fast.


“Solid Circle” points should display as quick as square points in the next WIP; I haven’t optimized the modes that have white centers.

Would it be better to just have a command that reduced the point cloud by a certain percentage? It seems like this would be a better approach than just always showing a decimated cloud through display tricks.

I think that would be better.
could be on the object properties page, like iso curve density.

I thought that the culling/redrawing has to do with the little “hang” after stopping viewport manipulation.
Would be great if that hang could be reduced.

If there was a manual density mode (like via properties page) an automatic mode would be cool too, basically one that tries to maintain a certain framerate.

an option to control colour might be a good thing as well. possibly in the display mode to choose “RGB colour”(ptCloud displays its RGB values if present) or custom colour. So one can override the display of the RGB data.