V6 pointcloud display issue

I keep encountering a display issue with point clouds in Rhino 6. If I try to setup a view that is perfectly horizontal and looking along the X or Y axis the density of the point cloud gets destroyed. If you adjust the view so that its slightly rotated about the Z axis it looks fine. Its also fine if you use a top or bottom view.

This image was captured looking in the x direction:

And this 1 rotated about Z by 45 degrees:

The actual data is fine if I spin around and look from other locations or different directions as demonstrated above. Its also fine in other software. I’m using Rhino 6 version 6.3.18090.471

I haven’t seen this effect before. Is there a model you can share with me to try and repeat the bug?

Steve, I have some data and test commands I can share that demonstrate the issue but don’t want to post it publicly. How can I share it just with you?

I’m assuming the files are big. You can use https://www.rhino3d.com/upload for this and have steve@mcneel.com as who to send the files to.


I’ve just uploaded the file for you. Its not too big as I cut out a fairly small area of the cloud.

I did get your file thanks. I’m heading out on vacation tomorrow so may not have an answer for you right away.

No worries Steve.

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Steve (or anyone else at McNeel), have you had chance to look at this?

Any update on this issue?

Always good to @-mention, like so: @stevebaer