Annoying point display bugs in Rhino 6

@nathanletwory There are three point display bugs in Rhino 6:

  1. I can set cloud points to any size in some display modes, but I have no control over the size of control point of the point cloud. The size shown in the Options has no impact on the actual size.

  2. The actual size of the cloud points is half the size shown in the Options (in the following screenshot) in Rendered display mode, and about one pixel in other display modes. When I combine separate points into a cloud, their size (in pixels) is reduced by half or more.

  3. The third bug is display of big (their size measured in pixels) points. Several display modes (Technical, Artistic, Pen, and Arctic) display big round points (solid circles) as half-moons and big square points as distorted rectangles. You can see this bug well in the following screenshot. The big points look weird if three conditions are satisfied:

  4. The points lie on the construction plane.

  5. The viewport has perspective projection.

  6. The display mode is Technical, Artistic, Pen, or Arctic.

    As you can see in the screenshot, small change of viewport camera angle in the perspective view dramatically changes the shape of the big points.

@stevebaer and @jeff know more about the drawing of these points, but thanks for typing it out.

I added this to our bug tracking system at

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Thanks - you are more helpful than Pascal Golay.:smiley:

This bug has been fixed (probably in Rhino 6.12) - thanks.:heart_eyes: