Fine Tuning Point Cloud Display

I am having some trouble displaying point clouds behind a surface in “Shaded” mode. Adjusting the point cloud point display size to the minimum (1) didn’t help. The only way to display properly is by zooming it. See the attached screen shots. Does anyone know hoe to fine tune this?

I am using V6 SR29.
Thank you

Hi George - I see that, or something like it, and I don’t see a way to fix it so far. I guess maybe some ‘disconnect’ between screen sized objects (points) and 3d objects, but you’d think the occlusion would not need to care about that… I do not know. I can add something to the bug tracker for the developers to looks at but I do not know how fixable that is…


Hi Pascal,
Thank you for responding. I could try on the WIP version, but my trial period has ended.