V6 "Panels: Materials" issue

I don’t know if this is me, or Rhino, or the Mac.

I’m having problems with the Materials panels (both side bar and floating) in that the list of selected materials disappears.

I first had the Materials in the top section of the Right side bar, and after a while the list disappeared. I found that if you selected Materials for the next section down of the side bar, the materials are shown in that one. some time later ( I think after closing and later opening the side bar), the material list was again missing.

So before shutting down the computer last night I set the lowest Panel to Materials which had the list, and took a screen shot (included bellow). This morning the list in the second one is again missing ( second image).

This has happened in other drawings, but I just thought I’d done it.

New McMini, most recent OS and Rhino V6.24.

An update to this issue.

Yesterday the list of materials made a comeback! life got a little easier.

This morning (list is still visible) I created a new object with the box command, selected a new material for it and switched to the render view. The appearance of the newly created object was black on the top and sides, and blue underneath. after changing the objects material several times, I realised that the material was being applied but not really visible because of the darkness of black and blue.

I’ve deleted and recreated the item several times, and rebooted the Mac, each time with the same result.

Another observation is that a couple of other Items in the drawing have lost the render material and are not visible in render view, but can be selected. This item was copied int the current drawing from an old Rhino V5 file.

After starting a new file I imported elements from the problem file and all the objects are fine when rendered.

A render from the original file, not sure what’s happening with the surface. Also some elements are invisible or darkened.

The same item in a new file.

To speed renders up, I changed the lighting in the render settings from environment to sunlight and found that several of the render materials disappeared.

I don’t know what is happening, I don’t think it’s me that’s causing this. As far as I can see it’s either a bug, or something has become corrupted in the program, In which case do I uninstall and then reinstall? To be honest at the moment I’m thinking that my best bet is to uninstall V6 and reinstall V5, I assume this would be easy to do.

While the renders are much improved, it’s something I only occasionally use. I like the ability to animate snapshots, but without the ability to record the animation in a form that I could send to someone, it’s actually of no use. For me, V5 was very stable, V6 seems to have a number of teething troubles and or changes in functionality that are becoming a distraction. So maybe revering to V5 for six months or more would be the best option.

With regard to the material list disappearing - to me it looks like a case of scrolling. If I were you I’d close one of the instances of the materials panel to deconfuse.

With regard to your model, hard to say without a file. Either attach your problematic file to a reply, or upload using rhino3d.com/upload - please copy the link to this discussion topic to the comments section.

Thanks for the swift reply.