Materials Panel Is Not Showing Up

I have Rhino 6 and I was trying to assign materials to my model, but my materials panel will not show up. It also does not work when I type in the command or when I click on the material in the layers panel.

I have tried re-installing it multiple times but yet it still will not show up. Any ideas on how i can get it to work correctly once again?

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Please open Tools \Rightarrow Options \Rightarrow Plug-ins and type Renderer into the search field. Ensure the two entries are enabled and loaded. If they are not, please let us know.


Hmmm… just now having this same issue for the first time. Have restarted RH6.15, “re-installed” the 3 plugins (tho they’re already listed as installed & enabled). It worked normally yesterday. All I’ve done in the meantime is write, save & run one short Rhinoscript dealing w/ ScreenCaptureToFile.

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–and the solution is: Current Renderer has been switched from RhinoRender to something else. Reset to RhinoRender, voila.

What is the something else?

–a different render engine. In this case Iray, tho it could have been Octane–or any other render engine for that matter–that would supercede/disable the rhRender components if set to be the active renderer.
I guess the other thing I did since last night is run a few Iray renders–but in a different file: i didn’t expect the current renderer to be a global setting, thought it was document based.

Another way to phrase my first post: “The solution is: Set Current Renderer = RhinoRender, if rdk plugins are alreay installed & enabled.”

Changing current renderer (which is a global setting as you’ve learned) should not cause the RDK plug-ins to unload themselves. Those are all supposed to stay loaded, since they provide the API that third-party renderers use to integrate with Rhino.

So the steps you take are:

  • start Rhino
  • open a document
  • switch to Iray or Octane
  • close Rhino
  • restart Rhino
  • at this point RDK plug-ins are disabled?

–they don’t unload. The material panel won’t open (original problem) if RhinoRender is not current renderer, which makes sense.

Well, no. Not really. The Materials panel (aka material editor) should always be accessible when the RDK plug-ins are loaded.

If the current renderer specifically disables the material panel, then it will not appear.

Yes, I should state it more specificially: IF currentRenderer=Iray THEN rhMaterialPanel won’t open; Plugin status is unaffected.

Ok, good. So all ok here :slight_smile:

Hi I wasnt able to choose material from material panel. Then I clicked something and now when I choose a material its opening in illustrator! how to fix this?

If it were me, I’d run the Rhino installer again.
My guess is either you or the Illustrator installer changed the file association for RTML files.
Running the Rhino installer again should change the file association again.

Any luck?

You can right click one of the rmtl files in the Libraries panel and choose Properties to change the “Opens with” association for that file type. With that said, just drag and drop from the Libraries panel to objects in the scene to apply the material to them. That material will then be added to the 3dm document. Editing of the material after that is done is in the Materials panel or the Properties panel > Material section when an object is selected.

hi I went to materials ,selected properties and then selected open with, but they are asking to choose an app to open with. When i tried to search it in the store there isnt any app. Can you tell me how to solve this issue?

Hi Yamini -
Click on “More apps”:

If Rhino is not in the list, then scroll to the bottom and click on “Look for another app on this PC” and find the Rhino exe in the folders.


Thankyou. I selected Rhino seven. Now should I select plugin or system?

In the System folder there you’ll find “Rhino.exe”, use that. Note that to edit a material you’ll do that in the Materials panel or Object Properties panel > Material section when an object is selected. The Libraries panel can be used for locating and assigning materials but editing them is done once they are in the document.

Thankyou so much!!