Strange Problem: I lost the material panel and some others

today I started my Rhino 7 (latest version) and wanted to work on an older model.
But to my total surprise, the materials panel is missing.
Also, if I select it from the panels menu, I see the command in the commandline, but nothing happens.
The same is true for almost all render-related panels other than lights:

  • Materials
  • Environments
  • Textures
  • Sun
  • Ground Plane
  • Rendering
  • Libraries
    Those all don’t work when I select them from the Panels Menu.
    They are also missing from the list in the Panels Gear Menu:

I have no idea how that is even possible…
I didn’t use Rhino in a while on this machine, so didn’t notice it before.

The exact version is:
Version 7 SR23
(7.23.22282.13001, 2022-10-09)

I’m running Windows 10 with all latest updates.
Any hint would be very welcome!

Thanks and cheers,


Hi Tom please make sure that, in Options > Plug-ins page, the Renderer Development Kit plug-ins are enabled.



You are my saviour Pascal!
I recently installed and uninstalled some plugins and some of them didn’t go away so I looked into the plugins panel and disabled them manually,
I somehow must have disabled that one by accident then.
Phew, thanks a ton!!! :slight_smile:

Back to work then :wink: