V6 Object won't highlight allowing drag and drop materials from library

In the June 6 wip I can’t drag and drop materials from the library easily, if there are other objects in the scene Rhino refuses to highlight the object I want to drop the material on. I have to isolate the object then Rhino will highlight it and allow the drag and drop of materials.
Also why no right click option to apply material to “selected” from the library?

Hi Roland - that is there in the material panel - ‘Assign to objects’ in the material panel context menu with a material selected - It seems like it ought to be possible from the library; I’ll check. On the other hand this panel is really just a Windows Explorer window, and I don’t know what the logistics might be in adding an item there indepentantly of Windows as a whole… so it might not be possible.



Hi Pascal,
Thanks for the filing the request, I think I asked before. I am aware of the right click in the material panel and I use that all the time, that’s why I think it should work in the library tab as well.
Also I’ll try to get a file together that shows the inability to assign materials due to non highlighting wonder if you see that or not in your daily use?
Thanks for your help,

RH-39690 is fixed in the latest WIP