Following up on my Material problems Rhino 6

Still trying to solve my material problems in Rhino 6.

  1. Assign does not apply to object at cursor. The only way to be certain a material lands on the correct object is to isolate it. In the pic I want to apply the material to the post, (where the cursor is) but the roof gets selected. I get this behavior on multiple machines using either mouse or tablet. It only manifests when trying to drag and assign materials. Mouse selects correctly in all other tools.

  1. When I try to edit color in the standard Metal material it does not work. Is this material locked?

#1 is a known bug - it’s on the list to fix. @jeff
#2 I’ve never heard of. Is this completely repeatable?

Re: # 2. Perhaps I misunderstood the process. I assumed that by choosing “Metal” I could just change the color through the color wheel. Apparently I then have to choose the type of metal from the standard list on the left of the color picker.

e.g. Add material > Metal
Color>Color Picker>Select one of the standard metals on the left > then change the color on the color wheel.

No - you shouldn’t have to do that.

I can change the color on the wheel without picking from the left just fine.

Correction. I just checked. Only the yellow based choices (Brass, Copper Gold) will take changes.
I have this behavior on my Laptop (ATI Graphics) Surface Pro 4, and Desktop (nVidia 1060) all running Windows 10 and RH6.7

OK - this is super weird. Does anyone else see this behaviour?

@CalypsoArt, so you are not seeing like in the attached animated GIF? Note updating color in both material editor preview and color swatches.

Do you have any third party plug-ins installed and enabled, and if so, which?

Ok. Solved. I was just moving the color ring. I did not realize I had to click somewhere in the square. I see it now. When I select the color picker it defaults to R250,G250,B250 (White) and stays that way no matter where I select on the rig. For the ring to affect color a I need to select one somewhere in the square.


Grey scale values will stay the same (the numbers in RGB are all the same). That is how this color picker works. You’ll see that the dot in the square always stays in the same location when you drag in the ring.

Maybe you want to try out a different color picker

The drag-n-drop issue has been fixed (today).