Drag Materials onto object.. Am i going Mad?

I cannot drag materials onto objects anymore. The only thing that has changed was an automatic upgrade to Rhino 6 and I bought a license for bongo once the trail finished.
I now cannot drag a material onto an object. I have even created a simple 3D box and it wont accept a material.(The object doesn’t highlight to accept)

More info, it looks like the mouse does not align

Anyone have any ideas-- im desperate, I need this simple assembly by tomorrow, otherwise back to Fusion 360 to do a simple task (Bring back Rhino 5, least I could do my job)

Far from origin?

OK I’m now officially P@ssed off.
I found how to fix the problem.
For those playing along at home,I had a previous issue with rendering times (Neon Vs Cycles). So I bought a $1000+ video card to unitize the GPU to fix the horrendous ray trace times. I set Rhino to use the GPU rather than CPU. Rendering time BIG Tick but that is what is causing the problems with alignment, materials etc. I have now changed the setting back to CPU instead of GPU in Cycles and it works. Gee Whiz, thanks for the advice to upgrade my video card I have the same speed as before and a large bill to pay. FFS

The test i did was a simple cube at 0 0 0

I cant find a way to upload a video

I don’t get the business logic at McNeel, I’m a lover of Rhino but they give their competitors so many “Free Kicks”

I assume you are on latest SR 6.6

I haven’t seen this kind of behaviour before. What kind of GPU do you have?

You possibly could get some improvements ny setting Throttle ms setting to 15 or 20 when using GPU for Raytraced.

just bought a gtx 1070 gpu
Rhino 6 SR6 2018-6-26 (Rhino 6, 6.6.18177.16151, Git hash:master @ abeff9e9af62a0e02a9eb52efa77e179a682f2c7)

Still having issues (But Less) Can assign materials through all viewports except Perspective

Do you have the very latest driver version for the GTX 1070? I run a GTX 1060, I haven’t seen the problem you are mentioning. I am sure that if it were repeatable it’d have been fixed already.

Also on 1060.
Latest drivers.
I see the problems as well.

To assign a material, I select the part first, and then set the material from the context menu.
I would prefer drag&drop.

Rhino 6 SR7:

Doesn’t sound like your workflow, but for now to keep the speed of your gpu, does right clicking and applying materials to selected objects at least for now let you get your work done while it gets sorted out?

This happens when dragging and dropping a material onto an object in a block.

Added https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-47337

I have found some discrepancies between windows 10 pro x64 updates and my gtx1060 driver updates. Might be the thing causing your issues. Try downgrading your nvidia drivers, and use latest win10 updates

@Charles, Is the blue object in a block?

No blocks or groups in the file.

There could be another issue. Can you provide the model? Thanks.

Projektor.3dm (1.2 MB)