v6 new thing to try- Testautocplaneview


This is an attempt to create a single window modeling environment with a dynamically updating cplane. It will snap to ortho views, and if released will lock there. You can release it by holding down shift+ctrl, which will return it to a rotatable viewport.

start with the default settings and play with it as you like. Please post your thoughts or suggestions for improvements here.

reference this previous topic for v5-

I’ve been waiting for this one (and I guess it’s been in there for a couple weeks now…).

I was afraid that the implementation wouldn’t allow the settings to be as an earlier script by Pascal and that seems to be the case now.

I would really like it (to the point where I will not use the functionality as it is now) if one could have the World CPlane as the primary CPlane. That means that in order to activate another CPlane, one needs to get within 10º of that new CPlane (as it works now) but that when the view is off 10º of that new CPlane that the World CPlane again is the active one. Just like it was in a previous version of the script.

It’s good if Clipping plane works like this.

  • Without cutting the model, a way of doing “what you see, what you export” on clipping plane view.
  • Better without using Make2D simply because on complex geometry make2D is a time consuming process.

I’ve just played with it a little here, but I like it and think it has promise. I can’t yet tell if it will become intuitive or annoying. I’ve not played with different angle settings yet. I find the SHIFT + CTRL release to be easy enough.

I find it a touch unnerving that sometimes when it ‘locks’ into parallel mode that the model disappears until the mouse is released.

My only comparison for this is the way that solidworks uses a key combo (CTRL+Arrow keys) to flip into the different ortho views. I quite like that implementation, as well as the satisfying animation between views (much like ViewRestore).

Anyway, nice to see some work happening on this.

EDIT - just a thought: could this not be engaged by just using the CTRL + SHIFT when nearing an ortho view? I realize subselection might get confused here.

I agree, I’m leaning toward wanting the snap to ortho NOT being automatic, but free rotating unless you want it to snap…Ideally holding a key or key combo would temporarily enable it to snap and the same key or combo would then unsnap it…



Hi Kyle- I think snapping only if a magic key is held down would be ideal - i don’t know how realistic that is.


It would be awesome to snap w/ magic-key only. Otherwise I don’t think I would ever use this tool/behavior.

If this tool was finished and crafted with full love it would be my go-to way of modeling. …So close, yet so far, come on guys, get it right! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes, please.
(with sugar on top)