OneView - Thanks

Thank you for implementing the AutoCPlane script as a new native command - OneView!!:thumbsup:
And it works as it should :sunny:

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Not sure why it maximizes a viewport though. I run this in my startup commands and my template is saved as 4-view layout but this now opens with one maximized viewport.

AutoCPlane doesn’t seem to be documented as of yet. How is i supposed to function?

// Rolf

AutoCPlane never was a native command. It was a script that was originally written by Pascal and that now finally has made it as a native command as OneView (fully documented :wink:) .

OK, now I get it. I’m slow today! :slight_smile:

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Hey this sounds cool!
I tried the v5 plugin but it doesn’t do anything. Is there a version that works with the current v5 SR13?

thanks, Tobias

There were quite a few versions of the script floating around - did you try the one from this link?

EDIT - going through that thread a bit more, here’s a link to the version that I found useful (and that is like the current OneView command).

posted here:

Yes, I tried that one but it doesn’t do anything.
I tried it on my workstation and on my laptop. Same result

Just updated that post with a link to a python script…

There seems to be a problam with Python.Running the script I get this error:

The object from this error is rhinoscriptsyntax. The line raising the error reads:
angle = rs.GetInteger(“Set CPlane swap angle”, defAngle, 1, 44)

What could possibly be wrong?

Yea… I remember that one. Just comment out the first two lines and that should do it.
Attached a version that works on my RH5 SR13… (9.0 KB)

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@brian, I’m not sure why OneView is listed as a New Feature in the change log.


… but at least now that command works as it should! :grin:

Still the same line gives an error: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘GetInteger’

Tobias, did you restart Rhino after downloading that python script? Grasping at straws here until a bigger brain wakes up…

Yes, I did restart Rhino…
Thanks for looking into this issue

Great! I saw the OneView command pass by and wondered what it did…

As a regular command name critic may I add my observations:

@pascal what is the thinking behind the name chage to OneView as opposed to AutoCplane. In my thinking the functionality of this command is operating on the Cplane: setting it based on view angle. The name OneView does not cover that. Rather it suggests a command to maximize to a single view or something. However it can be set to any arbitrary number of views right?

I get that the name is a suggestion the command is for working in one view. However that is what it enables rather than the functionality of the command.

In addition, by stacking actions in one command (auto cplane & maximizing the view) it’s easy to mistake this command for a maximize view and the user missing the autocplane.

If I as a user were to suddenly have the Cplane change all the time I’d start searching for commands with “Cplane” in it. Not view or one.

So I’d opt for a AutoCplane command and maybe macro a OneView command by stringing a maximize view to it.



Hi Willem - I was very much on the sidelines as far as the naming goes, but I think @theoutside, who was the moving force behind this, was thinking of it as a good way to work in a single maximized viewport.


I wish OneView labels were tuned up. Now there are different fonts and alignment within label. Perhaps the style could match the one of viewport name?


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