Auto CPlane and OneView

Could you please make OneView compatible with AutoCPlane? Actually, with any custom CPlane.
When using OneView and exceeding the threshold angle, CPlane always falls back to world space. Could it stay in the last set CPlane, but rotated about 90°?

Yep, there’s an issue open here for this.

Thank you!
That entry means a slightly differet thing: ortho views should update with OneView.

What I meant is OneView take the last cplane (maybe set by AutoAlign) and stay in that coordinate system, just flip xy/xz/yz planes accordingly.

Hi Eugen -

Have you tried setting a very narrow angle and ReturnCPlaneToTop=No in OneView?
Unless you have very many custom CPlanes, that should make it hard to get out of that coordinate system.

OneView takes the default CPlanes + all of your custom CPlanes.

I don’t understand what that means in this context.