Access Rhino WIP when on commercial zoo license


Anyone able to help access the WIP when on a com license?

That should work if you have a V6 license available in your Zoo, and you configure the Windows WIP to use the Zoo.

Hi John

We cant download R7 WIP without inputting a license but the input isnt really configured for a com Zoo license? MAybe I am looking at it wrong. The download page is asking for a RH60 licence, we have licenses beginning with 6.

No, those are your serial numbers. The license key will start with an RH60- and should be on the e-mail you received from your reseller when you bought the license.

ahhh, too many pieces of software with too may licenses!

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@John_Brock If I use a Rhino 6 license key from my Zoo set of licenses, will the license only be used when WIP 7 is running? or is it only needed to download the exe and prove we own Rhino 6 licenses? If I run 6 and WIP at the same time does that use two licenses? Thank you

The WIP uses a V6 license just like the released builds of V6.
If you are running the WIP and V6 on the same computer, only one license is used.
Licensing is based on how many COMPUTERS are running Rhino.
If you are trying to run the WIP and V6 on separate computers at the same time, you need two licenses.

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Excellent, thank you for clarifying that for me!