A license issue

Hi RDT, I loaded the evaluation of V6 the other day. It said I had until April 18 to either upgrade or the evaluation period was over. I then decided to buy V6 yesterday. I got the license and serial number in my mail. I again loaded V6 through the email links. I got to the part of putting in a key from a previous V6. Could not figure that one out.

any help would be great. —Mark

Hi Mark - I’m thinking that may be a typo - put in your V5 key…



I can do that and thanks for that . One more question .Is everything related to V6 going in as a serengeti topic? Seems less confusing if it were under V6 for windows, Pascal have a good one!

Hi Mark - please report back if that works, (so I can make a bug report) and strictly speaking Serengeti is for the WIP discussion, currently V7…


I didn’t work. I got a dialog saying Validation server is down. Also I should send in my validation info into sales@mcneel.
The issue is that I used a different email on my V5 license.

I am being prompted to validate manually. I will try that

OK - let us know… this does not seem quite right overall.


Same problem here. I don’t remember the Email I used to validate my V5. All my current Emails in use give me the following error. I emailed sales@mcneel.com and received the answer that my V5 Email has been reset. Despite that, I am still getting the same error.

Hi @silvano,

i got that too and contacted @brian so he changed my “other email” adress to the most recent one and then it worked.


I’m not very fast for this kind of fix - but our sales team at sales@mcneel.com can help faster.

Thanks, that’s logged as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-43812

@brian and @pascal, I contacted sales . Wendy and another person got it straightened out we think. It was my email that was the problem.
I am currently opening an evaluation version of V6 with no problems. I think I am not sure of when that evaluation expires what will happen. Maybe nothing. I will cross that bridge when it gets here.
I am more happy to need and be able to use V6. Also I am happy to support the RDT ( Rhino Development Team).
Thanks Mark