License problem with Rhino 6 latest WIP

I am having a problem with my license.
Haven’t been using rhino WIP for a while so I didn’t manage to update in time.
Now when I open it I get a message saying “WIP Expire, this build of Rhino WIP is expired, please download and install latest build”, when I press download I get another message “License not found, rhino requires a license to run”.
And the link it opens requires a Rhino 5 serial key, Which is obviously not working since I already used that to upgrade to Rhino 6 WIP key. So how am I supposed to get the install link?

Your Rhino V5 key is still valid and should work for authorizing the download…

Try downloading from here.

HTH, --Mitch

Okay, apparently the problem is from my side. The first time I downloaded it I used a different email than the one I am using for my rhino account. Tried that other email now and it worked. Thank you.