V6: Edit fillet edge feedback

This is exiting and I look forward to the development of fillet edge.
So here is some feedback:

  1. I presume the “edit” option is a WIP solution as it does not feel like it is well integrated.
  2. If I explode the object and join it again then it does not work. That doesn’t feel right. I understand there is some “history” involved, but I often explode and join objects when modelling, so finding a workaround for recognizing fillets would be great.
  3. If I fillet 3 edges of a box with one unit and then in the next run fillet two edges with 2 units, then I would expect this new “history fillet” to recognize the filleted edges and solve the new fillets in the same manner as if I had clicked “edit”.

@chuck, @mikko, what are your thoughts here?

These are not unexpected expectations. It should be possible to handle some of these type things, but all are difficult. The hope is that this has some value in its current state. One thing we definitely will do is store the edit information in the file. We are waiting until we have some more feedback before doing that. I will let Mikko address anything related to interface.

in V6- 2014 10 01 - The edit option of FilletEdge let you to deselect-reselect the edges but ignore the change in the value.

Example: do a cube and fillet all the edges with R5. If, than, you want to change only a couple of it to R10, you have to drag the handle because the selectEdge ignore the new value.


@mikko did you see this?

The issue reported by skysurfer should be fixed in the next build.

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Maybe it’s just me, and maybe I was expecting too much, but I find the edit option to be very limited in it’s usefulness. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems the edit is only applicable to the last fillet added, and occasionally the one before that. Maybe I’m missing something, but how do I selectively edit a fillet of my choice? I don’t see a way to do this. Too early in it’s implementation perhaps?

This is what I was hoping for when there was talk of being able to edit fillets in V6:


Just the ability to remove a fillet of your choice would be huge! Of course there would be scenarios where it doesn’t make sense, so a simple message box in these cases warning the user against removing the fillet would suffice. Even SpaceClaim (which was the source of the video) fails in quite a few cases. But the success it can achieve makes that forgivable.

Ultimately, this is where fillet editing should end up:


Perhaps a lofty goal, but maybe something to put on the radar for V7 or V8?



My primary wish is a “remove fillet”.

There are test commands, testRemoveFillets and testRemoveAllFillets. They also only work on the most recently added fillets, although if you make a series of fillet calls, then remove all the fillets from the most recent one, you can then remove fillets from the previous one. Are these of any use?

Hm, only the most recently isn’t much help in a real life scenario. Removing old fillets are where the real benefit will be. Extract, delete and connect, and I understand that it would be a very difficult task.

I also hope and expect that we will get there eventually. This will take a complete rewriting of the fillet process, which needs to be done anyway for several reasons. For v6, we will not be able to go much beyond what is currently there, functionally, other than saving the edit information in the file. Is there any value in what we have so far? Can you think of any interface changes that might make it more useful?
Thanks, Chuck

I think being able to select (or sub-object select) a specific fillet to remove is important. I need to experiment more with the new edit option, but from what I see so far, it seems like it’s the last fillet added that the edit operation “sees”. What if I want to remove a previous fillet?

I’m also finding that when I edit the object, and the fillet disappears, I’m stuck in the command and the only way out is to re-apply the fillet. Escape or enter doesn’t terminate the command with the fillet removed.


Honestly, I think if I decide that the last fillet I added was a mistake, I would probably just use Undo and go back to a sharp corner that way. I’m not sure the current application has much value, other than a scenario where a little later in the modeling process you decide that the last fillet added was incorrect.

Of course, it’s very likely that I’ve missed something in the proper way to use it. I checked the help file for additional information, but it seems too early in the development process to expect the help file to be updated on this topic.



If you click “Edit” in FilletEdge, select the polysrf, then ENTER, you end up in the edge selecting stage of the previous fillet operation. To remove fillets, you have to deselect the edges with ctrl-click. Hitting ENTER should then take you out of the command and remove the fillets. Is this not happening?

You are correct in that the only current difference between edit and undo is that edit can be done after you’ve done other things. At this point, you can’t do much to the filleted object without breaking the edit capability. You can move, rotate, scale, and such, but that’s about it. I hope to improve this to include more.

Ahh… ctrl-click to deselect the edges! That’s what I was missing. My first reaction is to pick ChainEdges so I can deselect them all at once. Doesn’t work however. Window selecting works, so that’s good to know.

I also noticed that if you keep going back to the edit option in the command line, you can step back in time through all the fillets. Another thing that’s good to know.

I saved my file and re-opened it to see if the fillets were still editable. Nope.

Also, it seems to me that once I select the model, and the last fillet is eliminated but the edge is still highlighted, I should be able to enter a new fillet radius value at the command line to create a new fillet. That doesn’t work. You need to grab the handle and enter the value there. It seems to me like a user would expect that value at the command line to apply to the new fillet.

I hope this feedback is useful. I would love for the fillet editing to move forward in Rhino so I can finally get rid of SpaceClaim!! :slight_smile:


Thanks. This is all very helpful. We haven’t yet implemented the ability save, re-open, then edit. This will happen soon, but not until we are sure of exactly what to save. That’s something that is difficult to change once started.

See the post by skysurfer above. Is this the same problem you are seeing? It sounds similar, but maybe slightly different.

Yes, I believe we are talking about the same issue. The value from the command line is ignored. The handle has to be manipulated to create a new fillet.