How do I remove fillets? I tried entering a 0.
(I see you use Ctrl to remove the edge from the selection)

Also, does this only work with V6 fillets? Is there a way to make Rhino recognize fillets from earlier versions?

I noticed I could not select certain items, filleted in V6, is this because they were too complex?
(It seems that Wirecut breaks the ability to edit fillets)


Hi Don,

Editing a fillet is pretty limited in what it can do. I don’t think you will ever be able to use it on a Rhino 5 file. You can use it on previously saved Rhino 6 file however, or a current model.

Thanks for the tip about Ctrl. That’s pretty useful.


I don’t think there is any way currently to get Rhino to do that. .

It would be an easy thing to do to identify rolling ball fillets of constant radius. It would be more difficult to identify blends and variable radius fillets.

And it doesn’t really matter if Rhino or some other CAD program made the rolling ball fillet it will be the same surface )(within tolerance) no matter where it comes from if it was made correctly

It helps to read the help file, for what it’s worth! (slinks away sheepishly into a corner.)


As far as I know, it’s just that the filleting operation is stored as history on the object. Anything you do to break the history will eliminate any possibility of editing fillets (as well as any other history related to the object). As V5 and earlier didn’t store fillet “history” either, you will not be able to edit those fillets in V6.

History gets “broken” by any operation that modifies the object in such a way that its object ID changes. This happens often, as most “object modify” operations in Rhino actually delete the original object and replace it with a new object with a different ID. This includes operations like trimming and splitting and thus by extension any “solid” operations such as Boolean ops or Wirecut.

What you are saying is: that recognizing a fillet is not an option at this time.

Too bad that solid operations break such a useful tool.

Maybe a more robust fillet editing option is something that can be considered for V7?

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If one were to make a tool palette / workspace consisting only of tools that will not break History, what would it look like? Pretty restricted, I imagine.

Well, first, you need to know whether you’re editing a parent object or a child object. ANYTHING you do to a child object independent of the parent breaks the history, even if it’s a simple move.

For history within the parent object or transmitted to its children - all the “non-invasive” operations (ones that don’t change the object ID) should be OK… Move, Rotate, Scale, Morphs (no copy), control point editing, etc. ; but not Trim, Split and the like.

For editing fillets, it’s even worse - any of the non-uniform transformations (scale 1d or 2d, shear, etc.) that will turn fillet radii into non-radii will also break fillet history.


Uh, you just opened a family sized can o’ worms ; )

Well, isn’t 7 to be the big ‘modeling’ update?

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