I shouldn't have to leave Rhino to do something this simple!


I notice that you can only edit a chamfer or fillet in V6 if you created it in that session. If you close and re-open that ability is lost.

I think this could use some attention. Removing a fillet on a simple part whether or not it was just created should be possible. Having to explode, extend, untrim, blah, blah, blah shouldn’t be necessary for something so basic.



(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Dan - I believe the plan is to save that stuff in the file if it seems like a useful feature - I thought we were already doing that but evidently I have not actually tried it in a while - I’ll test and see what it will take to get that working.




(Brian Gillespie) #4

RH-37599 is fixed in the latest WIP


Thanks Brian. I’ll test it and see how it goes.



Something here doesn’t seem intuitive. It definitely allows me to work on previously saved files, but it’s not clear how the edit actually is supposed to work. I made a short video to illustrate what I attempted. Perhaps I need to edit the handles to remove a fillet? I’m not really sure, since I did try that off camera but without success.



(Luis Fraguada) #7

I was only able to edit the handle to 0. Still, I’m suspicious since then the _FilletEdge _Edit still detects that edge as having a fillet.

Furthermore, it seems to only remember the last filleted edge. In an object with multiple filleted edges, this means having to undo until to get back to the edge you want to edit, destroying any upstream filleted edges.

(Pascal Golay) #8

Hi Dan, Luis - once you click Edit and select the object, the edges are highlighted as if you were starting the command from scratch and had some edges selected - so you can ctrl-click to deselect any edge.



Thanks Pascal, that’s what I was missing.

Think it will be possible to make this work on more than just the last created fillet? That would be sweet!

Have a good weekend,


(Pascal Golay) #10

Hi Dan - that would be sweet, but I don’t expect it… sorry.