V6 Bug: Raytraced Mode Ignores Clipping Plane

On nVidia, fairly recent drivers, the Cycles/Raytraced mode ignores the clipping plane.

Clipping Planes will come in v7


In the meantime you could split the geometry and hide half of it (not ideal, but it works)

As long as we know, deep down, that it’s a bug.

During the v6 WIP there was for a while support for clipping planes - or actually even clipping volumes (add a box or sphere, mark it as clipping volume and then switch to Raytraced). The problem was that on the GPU it would more often than not freeze the entire machine, so I decided to pull it until the day I got that properly fixed. Alas, that day is still in our collective futures.

Here an old video of when I worked on it:

(I thought I had uploaded more, and nicer, videos of my clipping plane work to youtube, but apparently I uploaded only this one, I’ll see if I can dig up some of the other videos and screenshots I did).

That’s pretty advanced. It’s almost like a frustrum chop, but then you have to add those pesky surfaces.

For V7, it would be cool to be able to add a custom material for the chopped surfaces, such as a hatch texture, or the a single color.

That should be quite possible indeed. The current plan is that I get back to v7/Raytraced properly during the summer (Mac porting tasks keep propping up on my todolist). That is including clipping planes.

I don’t have to work from scratch then though, this code lies dormant:

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yeah, this would be great. I’ve been wanting a custom surface / material for cut surfaces for ages. Your example is very good. Would be wonderful for architecture as well as product design.