1-31-17 WIP: Something strange with clipping planes

I opened a file with a clipping plane that in previous WIPs had shown up OK. There had been some strangeness in that the viewport background was black, but I had always been able to click on the clipping plane and move it back and forth. In this week’s WIP the viewports show their clipped appearance as saved in the previous WIP, but I can’t find the clipping plane. I tried “select clipping plane” from the edit menu but the command line response is “no objects selected”. Enable and disable clipping plane don’t work because when they ask to select a clipping plane I can’t select it. I click around in the vicinity of where it should be but nothing is selected. In all display modes except raytraced it’s as if the only geometry is the clipped remainder. In raytraced the entire model shows, so I guess all the geometry is still there.

What am I missing? Why can’t I get the clipping plane to show up? I examined the display properties for wireframe, shaded, even raytraced, and the clipping plane boxes were all checked. Could it be a bug introduced by recent display mode work?

Sure sounds like a bug. Do you have a sample file we could try to reproduce this with?

Never mind. I’m embarrassed. It was on an obscure layer that was off and I had forgotten that’s where it was. When I turned on all the layers it showed up.