Clipping plane creating weird artifacts in Raytraced mode


I wanted to view a 3d model in raytraced mode with a clipping plane.
I downloaded Rhino 7 trial to try out the new possibility to view it so that the model is even sectioned in raytraced.

The clipping plane does hide some geometry, but oddly enough not all.
Some geometry is displayed as “leftover” artifacts…
Same goes for other views (like front view).

Is the model just too complex/ my hardware not good enough?

Thank you in advance!

PS: I have Intel(R) Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz; Quadro T1000 GPU; 16 GB ram

It is on my list to fix: RH-62567 Artifacts with Clipping Plane

I’ll add this thread to the YT item as well so this thread will get a notification when it is fixed.

Ah, thank you!
Do you know of some workaround/ what is causing the issues?
I tried deleting most of the model not showing up in the view but I still have the problem with the remaining geometry.

I don’t exactly now what is causing it but probably a combination of geometry complexity and ray offset problems.