V6 artistic display mode - change background?

For V6 beta, is it possible to change the background in artistic drawing mode? At least to plain vanilla rather than the ‘textured paper’ look? If not, consider this a feature request.

N.B. currently I see an options box in Artistic Display Viewport Settings for ‘Background’ but it is greyed out.

Hi Ian - to do this, make a copy of Artistic in Options > View > Display modes and modify the copy.

Any luck?


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Hi Pascal. Oh I see … in Options, I was in ‘Artistic’ display mode options, but actually you have to back up one level to the parent category ‘Display Modes’ and from there you can make a copy.

I made an all-white jpeg file, made a copy of Artistic, loaded my new jpeg, and renamed the new display mode – all ok.

It all seems like a bit of a work-around, but I guess McNeel has reasons not to just allow direct modification of the basic Artistic display mode background, with a pre-set range of drop-down options that would include solid colors, as per the other display modes.

I think that as you start using the system you will conclude it’s pretty well thought out. By copying a standard mode, you get to keep the standard mode standard and you can name your modified copy with something that tells you at a glance what it does. For example I have modes named 50% Ghosted, Shaded- no grid and rendered - no grid.

Any difficulty telling what each does? :slight_smile:

No reason to make an all-white image. When you make a copy of Artistic, you can just make the background a solid color (e.g. white).

@Wim - ahh, much better. And that addresses my ‘wish’ for the solid colour dialogue too. Thanks.