Setting up artistic viewport style

Hey guys! Want to set up my default dimensions overview to prepare it for discussions. But as far as I currently know I can’t control the outlined issues. Could somebody help!

Hi Hannes - what control there is is a bit deeper in the controls, under Objects > Lines.


You can’t modify the background in “Artistic”, you need to make a copy of it, which you can then modify. The background in this display mode is actually an image (texture), in the copy you can change it or eliminate it.

As to the missing intersections, check the settings checkboxes under Visibility.


Thanks you both! @Helvetosaur how can I make a copy of it? Is there a folder? can’t find it.
2) is there a location where to set the ‘crease’ parameters?

thx H

Under the Options > Views > Display modes, above the pile of controls for the modes, there is a list of modes- you can copy, export, delete from there.


You can also change the background type in the Display panel for the Artistic mode without making a copy.

Wow thanks @BrianJ Works!!!

Is there an option to ‘SceenCaptureToFile’ including all 4 views like this one without the display descriptions?

Hi Hannes,
I have script to hide them.
drop me a message if I do not reply tomorrow, for that means I forgot to post it here.


In the settings menu, there is an option. Unchecked

Hi Hannes,

I see KevJin
has a better solution.