Display mode Pen - is it possible to remove paper effect background?

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You can’t modify the “Pen” mode itself, it’s locked, but you can make a copy of it and modify the copy… --Mitch

Thanks Mitch - even if I copy is it then possible to remove background?

yes - i think it is - Cheers again!

Note that the paper background is Display only.
Printing or even printing to an image file (better alternative to taking screenshots) will give you a white background.


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It is possible to do and VERY easy:

In Rhino go Tools>Options>View>Display Modes>Patent Drawing>Viewpoint Settings>Background Color>Set to Solid Color.
Now set the background color to white (or any other you desire). That’s It! You’re done.

I think it’s worth to rise up this topic even though it’s kinda old because users who want to publish patents need them to be without that paper style background. Only white is allowed most of the cases.

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This doesn’t work in the V6 WIP.

Hi Olivier - what does not work, exactly? as far as I can see it is possible to remove the ‘paper’ from a copy of Pen mode in V6/WIP as described…


I posted this in the Serengeti.
In fact, when copying the “Pen” display mode, the WIP somehow copied the wrong template, and the result was that the shading did not show.

It worked fine on another attempt though.

Need help here.
pen display background options are greyed out in Version 5 SR14. see link to screenshot.
Rhino V5 pen options

Found it…look in Panels>Display. See link to screenshot.