R5 to R6 Wireframe lines still ugly


I just downloaded the latest R6 trial version and I have to say I am a little suprised to find the line quality in wireframe mode is still bad (please see attached pic)

I already reported this in dec. but got no real feedback from the dev.

I do not find this acceptable for a released product.

is there any plan to fix this in short term?

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I have posted a few times on this subject. In general I find the the AA on wires is not as good in V5. For V6, I ended up setting the AA in Rhino to 8x (max) and then in the NVidia settings to “enhance” 2X - to get 16x AA. Then it looks better (IMO). I don’t know how much of a performance hit there is with that setting though.

You can also adjust the curve/wire thickness with the test command TestWireThicknessScale - does not autocomplete nor is it sticky between sessions.


Hello Mitch,

Thanks for the suggestions but that will probably not work for most of my projects performance wise…

McNeel team… anyone?

Hi @walther,

I think you are right, the nice Bresenham lines are gone.

Perhaps @stevebaer can help.



I’ve posted a topic about edge and curve display in V6 some time ago. But not in comparison to V5. In comparison to V5, it is not even similar in a good way. It can be and was already expected to be better. Also, “Use advanced GPU lighting” in each display mode doesn’t make any difference in V6 whether it is on or off.

V6 works fine on my machine, I use a GTX 970, but V6 is different as the lines are a tad thicker, here with GPU tesselation ON and with 8xAA.

Vs V5 8x AA:

While explaining that curve display is working fine in your system, you contradict it with writing that lines are a tad thicker in V6. I want to know how V5 and V6 handle thickness of curves and edges. 2x pixel thickness is default in V5 and V6. How come V6 lines and edges are thicker then? Anti-aliasing is also another stuff affecting this.

No that is not a contradiction, it’s a supplement of information.
The curves used to look worse in V6 at least with tesselation ON, and now the AA looks much better, but the curves are still too thick imo too. I have posted about this a few times. And curve fidelity is high on my list, I still have a Pro AMD card collecting dust here as I swapped it out with a Quadro since the line AA was too jaggy for my taste.
Also note that “Fine” is not “Great” Imo.

Ok! then try to open any rhino file in MOI3d on any low end machine. Then write me about how it looks better than V5 and V6. I don’t think that you need very high end GPU to make display look better. And that’s my point. It can be improved regardless.

This topic was filed and discussed here https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-31991

In the end it was decided to be GPU dependent and @stevebaer may be able to say more. The display in v6 is certainly faster on the up side. I’ve personally gotten used to the AA in 6 but that’s not meant as an excuse so please don’t yell at me :slight_smile:

Here a more complex shape comparison:
Again, this is for your comparison to see if it is V6 or V6-on-your-system. Personally I agree that V5 still looks better, but that is because the lines are thinner. So V6 doesn’t make “Ugly” curves per say, it just makes too thick curves for my liking compared to V5.



Here is the file so you can compare on your system. Maybe we can find out what’s causing your uglyness if they are choppy and bad.

Holomark mini2d AAtest lines.3dm (711.0 KB)

(You also probably know that Moi uses DirectX while Rhino uses OpenGL, not that it should matter)

Take a look at Brian’s post above to understand what I mean.

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Hey, I just maximized your images and I see that you are not even using AA…
So I am comparing 8xAA on V5 vs V6 while you don’t even have AA.
So apparently we are NOT even talking about the same thing… :confused:

Why do you have your AA turned off?

That’s not my post and Image. I have user based experience, not image based. And yes I keep AA on and I also use high end machine. :slight_smile:

None the less, I turned off AA here and that looked ugly!

Yes, it is GPU dependent now.

This is a quality in my computer . Grafic card GTX 960 4Giga .
For me it is Ok.

Lines look crisp. Have a look at this V5 and V6 example.