V6 _4View sets all viewports to wireframe

WTF? I only want to reset to 4 views, this has nothing to do with what Display Modes the viewports are in !!!

here not.

Yep, same as Mitch here–6.2.18043.22301, 02/12/2018. Repeating 4View shows a brief image of the viewport display mode prior to initial 4View command.

This seems to still be happening. In addition to returning all 4 viewports to wireframe, running “4View” also breaks any instances where “SetObjectDisplayMode” has been used to customize individual objects display mode.

(Edited to reflect that this is an issue in v7 for me)

Yep- 4View resets the viewports - builds new ones- so, since SetObjectDisplayMode is per viewport, it is lost. I undestand that is not necessarily how you experience the 4View command working - it looks like the same viewports being rearranged, but I believe they are replaced. It may be possible to transfer that info to a new viewport, I’ll ask - but that is what I think is happening here.

@Swayze - are your viewport names changed from defaults? here it looks like with default names at least, the display mode is not broken by 4View.


Yes, I am working primarily with named views so the default configuration has been changed. Thanks for clarifying that “4View” is resetting views to default and not just rearranging the screen.

Yep, I would say that that is not really the “expected behavior” from that command…