“Named view” to “4view" small issue

Working at a furniture manufacture – and when making assembly instructions I often go from a “Named view” to “4view” – but doing so, it goes from shaded view to wireframe view .

Is there a way to always keep the shaded view mode?

on mac it keeps whatever display mode you have set. i also dont see any setting for it… what might help is to use setobject display mode on the objects you want to keep shaded.

Hej Steffen -

I’m seeing this as well, both on Windows and on macOS.
I’ve put this on the list as RH-68959 for a developer to take a closer look.

i chronically must be having a different version… do you guys use internal builds only and any chance that the public releases are always different? :face_with_peeking_eye: maybe its time to delete and reinstall, though sometimes i seem to have the better version.

Thanks for replies

Wim - Good to report
encephalon - Will try reinstall