SetObjectDisplayMode applies to only one viewport. Is that logical?

I never use the viewport tabs to switch views, so I never noticed this. But some of the people here pointed out that if you use the DisplayObjectMode in one view, then switch to another view using the tabs, that object’s display mode goes back to the viewport mode. Does this make sense? If a user intentionally sets an object to display differently than the viewport display mode, shouldn’t that choice “stick” between viewports? It does if I just type the viewport name to switch views.

I know there are some scripts from 2014 to accomplish this, but it seems to me that there should be at least an option to apply ObjectDisplayMode settings to all viewports. I also noticed that there are no methods in the Rhino-Python methods list for dealing with ObjectDisplayModes.

There’s probably a reason it doesn’t do this now, that’s why I’m suggesting an option so it’s a bit more useful for everyone.

Hope this makes sense,


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I just checked in V5, V6, and V7 WIP, and the change is a per object, per viewport setting.

I think the reason is so you can use a different display mode for the same object in different viewports.

Yes, but it could have an option to apply to all viewports… something that has been missing since its inception. It’s scriptable, so I don’t think it should be a huge problem to integrate that functionality natively.

@DanBayn - here are my versions, revised since 2014 just in case. (1.8 KB) (1.7 KB) (775 Bytes)

Got that, thanks.

RH-59215 SetObjectDisplayMode: All viewports in addition to per vp


Thanks guys.

What would be very helpful is to copy the per object assignment from one VP to another VP of choice.

What I often do, is setup a nice configuration in one VP, but then would like to have the same in another.

All the scripts i found work for new assignments, but not to copy an existing assignment to another VP.
have I missed that somehow?

Concerning the problem Jeff LaSor posted in the YT link, I think this could be an idea:

For each VP, have a switch to “override” : use current display mode <> use custom assignment

Custom assignment would however store a seperate assignment table for each VP where anything has been modified, meaning you could have “named ObjectDisplayModes” that are stored and can be assigned to the “override slot” of any VP

what do you think, does that make sense?


Hi Daniel -

You might want to check the Rhino 8 WIP…


thanks Wim.

looks interestig, though not sure if I have time to go beta yet :slight_smile:

As for that, Rhino 8 hasn’t gone beta yet. It’s still only WIP.