How does one reset viewports to default?

In Windows Rhino, running the 4View command twice resets all viewports to the standard 4 viewport layout, as well as their CPlanes, lens lengths etc… As the command 4View is not implemented on MacRhino, I couldn’t find a way to do this… What am I missing? Thanks, --Mitch

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copy/paste into a new file?

(or… that’s what i’ve done up to now when wanting a do-over… maybe there’s a better way but i don’t know about it)

Ouch, that’s painful - if that’s the only way to do this then there is a pothole somewhere that needs to be filled…



I’ve got the same problem. Cut and Paste it is…

I have the same problem.

The script below works on Windows but it crashes MacRhino:
(I’ve already sent the generated bug report to McNeel.)

import scriptcontext as sc