R8: Resetting to 4 viewpoints not working?

After using ctrl-F1 etc. to get a single viewport/view, I can’t get back to 4 panels by using View > Viewport Layout > 4 Viewports.

This works in R7.

Also - and I feel silly asking this because I’ve just been jumping into Rhino, doing what I need, and jumping out, without really exploring options, layouts, or customization - how do we set keyboard commands?

I see under “File” we can get to Properties, but is this the same as application properties under “Rhino Options” > Keyboard? I see them there, but don’t know how to access/reference the available commands.

FWIW I’d expect to see app preferences by navigating as so:
Edit > Preferences

since application preferences would generally not be file-level (or, “Document Properties”-level) but maybe I’m missing them elsewhere.


Hi Andrew -

That seems to work fine here. Can you describe in greater detail what happens on your end?

As for your second question, you have tagged your post with both “windows” and “mac” and this is one area where Rhino is still somewhat different on both platforms. Which version are you using?

Whoops! Didn’t mean to tag with both. This is Windows. Haven’t tried this on Mac yet.

On Windows:

Ctrl-F1 to get top view.

View > Viewport Layout > 4 Viewports

For me, it just remains in Top view. Same if I try to use the drop-down from the… uh… view… name… tab… or whatever that’s called :slight_smile:

What does the command line say at that point?

No new command is being sent.

Previous command (gumball, from my other post) is most recent.

Hi @wim , any word?

Hi Turner 4View has changed since V7 so that the 4View by itself needs an Enter to complete - this is in the default toolbar:


but apparently not in the menu macro - you still need an Enter to set the layout projection option, I do not know if that is by deisgn or not but I’ll ask. I think the default button macro as above is correct, that is, don’t ask every time, but less sure about the menu entry.

RH-78023 Menus: 4View entry needs Enter


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