V5 Layout Technicalshows hidden lines on top

I have issues with Layout and Technical display mode since the hidden lines are showing on top of the visible lines. What to do?

The PDF looks horrible and can not be used for production.

In Layout:

In PDF: (Even worse)

Rhino file:
test.3dm (189.2 KB)

A couple thoughts that may help if you hadn’t tried them. Make the edges 1 or 2 pixels thicker in the Tech mode than the hidden lines. I also think the PDF995 driver makes a better PDF with a high dpi in the ‘advanced’ quality options for it.
testtech.pdf (80.9 KB)

Thanks for the tip, it looks better, but the hidden line is not very dotted.
Can you please check if this should be flagged as a bug?


I filed it as a bug… we’ll see what development says. I’m not sure it’s even possible to control draw order in tech modes.

On a small model it wouldn’t be painful to duplicate the edges for hidden lines and then use linetypes for the dot control in a Wireframe detail. If you can do that I’d probably also use Neon with shading off since the AA is superb.

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I also filed this one for linetype style scale control for tech mode hidden lines.

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Well, tech modes already knows it if is hidden or visible, so let’s hope it is an easy fix. The different line width is a good workaround for the time being.

Thanks Brian!