UV unwrap - export wire frame for texture painting?


I’m wondering how I export the wire frame of an unwrapped surface for texture painting ala Photoshop.

When I texture unwrap a surface I can see the flattened wire frame on the unwrap plane I’ve drawn. Now how do I export it for painting so I can re-import it with the texture properly positioned?

any help would be much appreciated.


There’s no direct “export UV wireframe” command, at least as far as I know.
However _ViewCaptureToFile will do the trick. A quick bit of cropping in PS and you are good to go.

Ahhh, that’s a shame. Seems like a feature that would make sense given the nature of unwrapping.

I see what your saying. Thanks for the input

So - just to make completely clear what you are asking for:

The ability to export a top view of the the current UV Editor mesh as a PNG file (for example).

Is that correct?


Yes, exactly, that would be great.

To export a 2D image with the wire frame (preferably an option for all edges or just the seams ) over the texture, or a white background for taking into Photoshop so that you can paint textures to be applied to the unwraped object. I believe this is common in other 3d applications that cater more to visualization.

below is an example of how it works in 3D max

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Hi @jazzcat81,

you might try the TxTemplate plugin in Rhino4 and likely it still works in Rhino5 to create texture templates from meshes with various controls. Note that you´ll need the rhpicture plugin installed to make it work: link



Thanks for the input. I think it might just be easier to take a screen shot and be careful with the cropping.

Really hoping this feature will make it into the next update or version. That would be great.

You can do that using 3DCoat. I’d say it’s even better than Substance Painter as it feels a bit more like a photoshop in 3D. To export the wireframe for painting, in the PAINT tab clic on Textures / Export / Color Albedo Map.
It will export a PSD with a color layer (if any paint have been done in 3DCoat) AND the wireframe, ultra clean, on a transparent background.
Best way I know :slight_smile:

(first of all add up extend UV lenghtes of your future unwraped object. now Unwrap. )

activate “UVEditor” and take over UV measures as bounding box. adjust mesh. now with the still active UVEditor select the unrolled vertex/mesh in planar view and than “export selected” to any vector-programm
e.g as .AI/.eps

i use illustrator. delete the unnecessary paths, keep the boundaries, adjust the artboardsize to all boundaries,
create your texture, hide paths, “save for web”… works like a charm!

late answer but still… hope that helps!

@CJ, did you see my reply above ?


this is the sweet! can somebody make this work for Rhino 6?

or even better, implement .psd file support like in maya… this would be a workflow-dream come true:

  1. export texture mapping as psd file.
  2. let you draw on different layers which in turn trigger transparency, bumpmaps etc…
  3. updates mapping live, when saving in photoshop.

here is a video of how they do in maya

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