Best Workflow between Rhino and Substance Painter

Hi mates,

been looking for a standard method which works well with this, but I can´t find anything solid.
Today, there´s a way to do it fluidly?


not so far, it’s a bit tricky to get the UV maps correctly in size and resolution for each shape and channel from Rhino. I guess the best choice is to make the UV mapping in other app like UVlayout, blender, Wings3D or any polygon editor.

You mean, export in OBJ to blender for example, then FBX to susbtance painter and bring back?
This way is reliable? Don´t want mesh problems.

Is there a way to paint in photoshop the UV textures made in Rhino?

Thanks mate.

something like that yes, export as obj, open in blender, make the uv layout in blender, then export to substance. no matter the software you use to paint, only the uv mapping you can generate in either rhino or polygon software you desire. the uv layout is like the canvas, if it is a mess, the result will be a mess.

I have a copy of Max. Maybe can try exporting as IGES and then extract the uvmap there.
Once they will be made, can try substance bridge from Max; and then comeback to Vray Rhino.

Maybe a bit too much complicated.
can I take my UV mapping done in Rhino to photoshop to edit and paint there?

if you get a decent uv mapping from rhino you can export directly to substance. the problem is the uv mapping. that’s why I suggest you to make it in other platforms.

Here there is my workflow: How to paint Rhinoceros FBX from Rino3D to Substance Painter workflow